What you having for tea?

Answer Mr. GorgeousFluffpot is downstairs in the kitchen at the moment, wearing his frilly apron, and making me spaghetti and home made sauce (yum) plus a salad. Then a mince pie with custard and cream ... Read More »

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What 3 foods are you looking forward to having on Christmas Day What Dessert will u be having in the feast?

Oopsy sorry I thought you said what desserts do I look forward eating. I love mashed potatoes and prime rib!!! I hope you remember who I am. I used to answer your questions way back. I like everyt... Read More »

What is the difference between having full cusody and having primary custody?

Answer Full custody is defined as one parent of a child having sole control over a minor child with the other having no custodial rights. Primary custody means that both parents share custody (al... Read More »

If Ur having a cook-out for The 4th what are u having need some more ideas..?

We're having steamed crabs with Old Bay. But your BBQ sounds great too!

Having sugar and bloodpresure the reaction is having fever everymorning what to do?

see the doctor for treatments for both glucose control and blood pressure control and a possible infection