What years were the medieval times?

Answer Historians use the term "Medieval Times" or "Middle Ages" to describe the period of European history after 410 AD when the city of Rome was sacked---marking the end of cultural influence from Rome-... Read More »

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What Were Catapults Used for in Medieval Times?

Medieval warfare consisted of a military force laying siege a castle, city or fortress and it's inhabitants. Castles were often surrounded by water, or moats, making direct access difficult. Catapu... Read More »

What Foods Were Eaten in the Medieval Times?

Enjoying foods from medieval times will complement medieval studies. During medieval times -- also referred to as the Middle Ages -- food habits were greatly influenced by the Celts, Normans and Ro... Read More »

What Were the Responsibilities of a King in Medieval Times?

In the middle ages, being a king was no easy chore. Medieval kings were not only combating adversaries of their kingdoms but were also responsible for protecting the rights of their own subjects. R... Read More »

Who were the Turks in medieval times?

In the medieval era, the Turks were the leaders of the Ottoman Empire, which originated around 1300 C.E. and ended in the twentieth century. They were one of the most powerful and influential moder... Read More »