Fun Math Games for Ages 5 Years to 12 Years?

Answer Between the ages of five and 12, a child's body and mind develop at a rapid rate. Games provide enjoyment for this age group, as well as a means of mental and physical exercise. Whether you are a ... Read More »

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What years were the medieval times?

Historians use the term "Medieval Times" or "Middle Ages" to describe the period of European history after 410 AD when the city of Rome was sacked---marking the end of cultural influence from Rome-... Read More »

What appeals to children ages 3-6 years old?

Although ages 3 - 6 is a huge gap developmentally, there are many things you can do with them. Anything with music. They love musical chairs. Put on music and ask them to draw pictures of the mu... Read More »

How did the Hundred Years'War start in medieval times?

The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts between English and French royal houses. The war helped to define European territorial boundaries and shape the future of both England and France.Va... Read More »

Winter Crafts for Pre-K Children Ages Four to Five Years?

Structured crafts and activities can keep children from experiencing the winter blues due to boredom and the feeling of being stuck indoors. Winter crafts can keep kids involved and celebrate the s... Read More »