How many children did King Henry VIII have?

Answer England's King Henry VIII had three legitimate children: Mary (Queen Mary I), Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I) and Edward (King Edward VI). It is also generally believed that he had one or two illeg... Read More »

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Who were the famous children of King Henry VIII?

Henry VIII had six wives, but from these marriages, only three of his children survived. They were Mary, who became Mary Queen of Scots; Elizabeth, who became Queen Elizabeth I, and Edward, who bec... Read More »

I Don't Understand Hoe To Do Problems Using The "King Henry Died Monday Drinking Chocolate Milk" Acronym?

Don't sweat it, you'll get the hang of it. All it is is the different units of measurements put in order:Kilometers (Km)Hectometers (Hm)Decameters (Dm)Meters (M) the middle point Decimeters (dm)Cen... Read More »

When Henry finds out who his dad is, why did Charming say that Regina was Henry's step grandmother?

Because Regina is Snow White's step mother. Remember how she married Snow's dad to become Queen?Really Regina is Henry's step great grandmother. Henry (Son) - Emma (Mom) - Snow (Grandma) - Regina (... Read More »

How many years was Herod Agrippa II king?

Herod Agrippa II ruled portions of ancient Palestine from 50 A.D to about 93 or 94 A.D. Sources disagree on the date of Agrippa's death, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Brit... Read More »