What year&date were airplane flights invented?

Answer The first airplane flight occurred on Dec. 17, 1903, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The plane was piloted by Wilbur Wright. The first flight lasted only 12 seconds and reached 120 feet in distance.... Read More »

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Can airplane flights cause nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds can occur on airplane flights due to the re-circulated air within the pressurized cabin, which causes the air to be dry. The low pressure inside the airplane is equal to the pressure at ... Read More »

Are passports required for United States airplane flights?

The United States does not require passports for flights within the country. Passports are only requirements for people traveling abroad. The United States Department of State also recommends passp... Read More »

Can you bring a hair straightener in the cabin of an airplane on American flights?

Yes, hair straighteners are allowed in the cabins of commercial American airlines. However, if your hair straightener is broken, revealing jagged edges or other potential safety hazards, it could b... Read More »

What movie simulated weightlessness with hundreds of parabolic flights on nasa's kc-135 airplane?