What year were the Middle Colonies founded?

Answer The Middle Colonies include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. The Dutch originally settled the area in the early 1600s, and in 1664 the British took control of the land and began off... Read More »

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Who founded the Amana Colonies?

A group of German immigrants called the Community of True Inspiration, or the Ebenezer Society, founded the Amana Colonies in 1855. The settlement is along the Iowa River in what is now known as Am... Read More »

Traditions of the Middle Colonies?

The original 13 colonies are usually divided into three separate regions, New England, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. The Middle Colonies consisted of Delaware, New Jersey, New York... Read More »

Religious Beliefs in the Middle Colonies?

When the pilgrims fled England, they were seeking religious freedom. One of the benefits of the colonies was the freedom to be a member of the religion of their choosing without facing persecution ... Read More »

Differences Between Southern & Middle Colonies?

English settlers who arrived in America eventually formed 13 prosperous colonies. People who lived within these colonies had many similarities such as the freedom to worship as they believed; they ... Read More »