What year were mobile phones invented?

Answer Modern mobile phones were invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper while he was working for Motorola. Though there were cellular phones before 1973, they had to be mounted on a backpack or in a car dashbo... Read More »

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Mobile phones for 13 year old girls?

The Droid from Verizon is good. As well as the iPhone from Verizon or at&t.

What year were cell phones invented?

The first cell phone was invented in 1973 by a man named Martin Cooper. Weighing over 2 lbs., the device was bulky and inconvenient to carry around. The military and businesses were the first users... Read More »

Why do Americans call mobile phones cell phones ?

because thats actually what they are.cell = cellular ..... i work for a phone company and the abbreviation 'ctn' stands for cellular telephone number. basically the mobile phone masts are made up o... Read More »

Why do yanks call mobile phones 'cell' phones.?

"Mobile" has too many letters for them to be able to spell it correctly. If they were to adopt the word "mobile" they'd inevitably either miss out a letter or two, or switch a couple of letters ar... Read More »