What year were hybrid cars invented?

Answer German engineer Ferdinand Porsche built the first hybrid vehicle sometime around 1900. Generated by batteries and converted into a four-wheel drive, the hybrid's speeds could reach up to 40 miles p... Read More »

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What year were cars invented?

The first gasoline-powered car was constructed in 1885 or 1886, invented by Karl Benz. However, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built a steam-powered vehicle that was similar to modern cars in 1769.SourceLib... Read More »

Why were hybrid cars designed?

Many consumers who purchase a hybrid car might be dismayed by speed limitations, but they are likely enamored with the fuel efficiency. As explained in Curtis Darrel Anderson and Judy Anderson's bo... Read More »

When were hybrid cars first discovered?

Although the idea for hybrid cars was, in all likelihood, discovered by a Jesuit priest in the 17th century, the first to file a patent for a "petrol-hybrid vehicle" was in 1905 by H. Piper, an Ame... Read More »

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