What year were child labor laws instituted?

Answer In the United States, the first state child labor law was passed in Massachusetts in 1836; it required children younger than 15 working in factories to go to school for 3 months out of the year. Fe... Read More »

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What year were the child labor laws established?

The first child labor law passed by Congress and signed into law by Woodrow Wilson in 1916. However, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the law in 1918. It was not until 1938 with the passage of Fai... Read More »

Why were child labor laws passed?

Child labor has existed throughout American history. Over the years, numerous laws have been passed to protect children and in some cases prohibit the employment of young children.HistoryUnions be... Read More »

Why were child labor laws made?

U.S. child labor laws were created in the early 20th century to keep children in school and protect them from the health and safety hazards associated with certain industries such as coal mining, a... Read More »

Why were child labor laws created?

Child labor is the employment of children who are too young to work legally. It harms children or prevents them from attending school. Child labor exists in many parts of the world. In the United S... Read More »