What year were cheerios created?

Answer Cheerios are a popular, oat-based breakfast cereal made by General Mills. Cheerios were introduced in 1941 under the name "Cheerioats" and were advertised as the first ready-to-eat oat cereal in th... Read More »

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In what year was Cheerios breakfast cereal created?

In 1941, Minneapolis native Lester Borchardt invented Cheerios breakfast cereal for food manufacturer General Mills. The company initially released the puffed oat confection as Cheerioats but renam... Read More »

What year were tesselations created?

Moors in the Spanish Alhambra first began incorporating tessellations, repetitive designs without gaps or overlaps, into their tile work in the 14th century. This work inspired M.C. Escher who beca... Read More »

What year were T8 bulbs created?

The 4-foot T8 fluorescent lamp was introduced to the United States by General Electric in 1981 to replace the larger diameter T12 bulb. The invention is credited to Jon B Jansma and the patent is h... Read More »

What year were Ninja Turtles created?

Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird first came up with the idea behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1983. In 1984, with a budget of $1,200, the pair published the first black-and-white TMNT comic,... Read More »