What year were backpacks for school invented?

Answer The school backpack was invented in 1970. The first patent was issued in 1971. Backpacks are a modified form of travel packs, which are used to carry equipment, and are made of out of material inst... Read More »

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The Best School Backpacks?

The best school backpacks vary by age group. Elementary school kids require a backpack that is easy to carry and is not overly complex. Middle and high school students require a pack that is organi... Read More »

Why We Should Have Backpacks in School?

Backpacks make life easier for students all over the country. Packed with textbooks, personal items and school supplies, it seems impossible that a student would be able to get through the day with... Read More »

The Best Backpacks for Middle School?

Since every student needs a backpack, competition in the United States between manufacturers is never-ending. Each year, new technologies and designs enhance the quality of this essential gear. For... Read More »

What are the benefits of backpacks in school?

The benefits of backpacks in school encompass more than just the carrying of books. From organization to fashion to security, backpacks enhance the educational experience.OrganizationOrganizing sch... Read More »