What year were air conditioners invented?

Answer Dr. John Gorrie first envisioned air conditioning in 1842, but his invention never got off the ground in his lifetime. Engineer Willis Haviland Carrier of New York invented the first modern electri... Read More »

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What year were TVs invented?

On January 7, 1927, Philo T. Farnsworth applied for his first patent for the television. Farnsworth conceived of the idea for the television when he was only 14. He worked on his invention on his d... Read More »

What year were stamps invented?

The postage stamp was invented by Rowland Hill on May 6, 1840, and was named "the penny black." It was printed in black and white and bore the profile of Queen Victoria of England.Source:Inventors ... Read More »

What year were DVDs invented?

The DVD, or digital video disc, was first developed in 1995 by several companies, including Phillips, Sony and Toshiba. In 1996, the first discs and DVD players were available to consumers in store... Read More »

In what year were eye glasses invented?

The Chinese developed eyeglasses over 2,000 years ago to protect their eyes from evil forces, according to optometrist Richard D. Drewry, Jr. of Teagle Optometry. In 1730, London-based optician Ed... Read More »