What year were DVDs invented?

Answer The DVD, or digital video disc, was first developed in 1995 by several companies, including Phillips, Sony and Toshiba. In 1996, the first discs and DVD players were available to consumers in store... Read More »

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What year were TVs invented?

On January 7, 1927, Philo T. Farnsworth applied for his first patent for the television. Farnsworth conceived of the idea for the television when he was only 14. He worked on his invention on his d... Read More »

What year were magnets invented?

Magnets were not invented. The first magnets were discovered in the form of a naturally mineral called ferric ferrite in 600 B.C. In 1740, a man named Gowen Knight created the first artificial magn... Read More »

What year were spy cameras invented?

The first spy camera was likely made in 1865 in France. This camera was a wooden daguerreotype sliding box camera that took only black and white pictures. It measured 1 inch by 1 2/3 inches.Source:... Read More »

In what year were eye glasses invented?

The Chinese developed eyeglasses over 2,000 years ago to protect their eyes from evil forces, according to optometrist Richard D. Drewry, Jr. of Teagle Optometry. In 1730, London-based optician Ed... Read More »