What year were CD rates the highest?

Answer According to analysis by Mortgage-X, the highest Certificate of Deposit rates (for 3-month CDs) occurred in 1981. That year, rates reached a high of 16.691 percent, with an average rate for the yea... Read More »

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What state has the highest overall tax rates?

Vermont has the highest overall taxes followed by Hawaii, Wyoming, Connecticut, Minnesota, Delaware, Massachusetts, Alaska and New Jersey, according to the United States Census Bureau. Each person ... Read More »

The highest infant mortality rates are where?

Cyanosis usually indicates cardiac disease. The child needs to be evaluated properly.

The highest infant mortality rates are in?

Highest Marginal Income Tax Rates?

The marginal income tax rate is the income tax rate that an individual pays on the next dollar earned. So, if someone is in the 10% tax bracket, his marginal tax rate is 10%. If someone is on the b... Read More »