What year was"In God We Trust"put on U.S. coins?

Answer The first coin to be imprinted with the motto "In God We Trust" was the 2-cent coin in 1864. The motto was temporarily removed from all coins in 1883. It was then re-added to all coins, starting in... Read More »

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What was the last year for silver coins?

The first silver dollar was pressed in 1794, and production of silver dollars ceased in 1935. Half dollars, quarters and dimes were pressed in 90% silver until 1966, when there was a silver shorta... Read More »

What was the last year silver coins were minted?

Silver dimes and quarters were last minted in the United States in 1964. Half dollars had the silver content cut from 90 percent to 21 percent in the same year. After 1971, all the silver was remov... Read More »

What year did the us stop making pure silver coins?

The United States never minted pure silver coins for general circulation. Through 1964, dimes, quarters and half dollars were 90 percent silver, as were dollar coins until 1935. From 1965 through 1... Read More »

What year did canada stop making silver coins?

Canada's minting of silver dimes and quarters ended in 1968, while silver half-dollars were no longer produced after 1967. This stoppage was due to the increased expense of the metal in the 1960s. ... Read More »