What year was the pocket calculator invented?

Answer The pocket calculator was invented in 1966. A Texas Instruments development team, which included Jerry D. Merryman, James H. Van Tassel and Jack St. Clair Kilby, invented the pocket calculator, acc... Read More »

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Who invented the first pocket calculator?

Texas Instruments started development on the electronic pocket calculator in 1966. Texas Instruments formed a joint venture with Canon to manufacture it and they introduced the Pocketronic calculat... Read More »

What year was Polly Pocket invented?

Polly Pocket was invented in 1983 by Chris Wiggs, who wanted a toy for his daughter, Kate, that would fit into her pocket. Polly Pocket was first sold in stores in 1989.Source:Table & Home: Polly ... Read More »

What year was the pocket handkerchief invented?

Handkerchiefs began functioning as portable, small towels in late 14th century England. They were primarily reserved for the upper class, generally decorated with frills and lace and made out of go... Read More »

Who made the first hand-held scientific pocket calculator?

Hewlett-Packard introduced the first handheld, pocket-sized scientific calculator in 1972. It was capable of calculations that were previously done on a slide-rule. Sales of the first model (the HP... Read More »