What year was the phillips head screw invented?

Answer Henry Phillips, an engineer from Portland, Oregon, invented Phillips head screws in 1936. Phillips received a total of five patents for his screw and screwdriver. The Phillips screw became very pop... Read More »

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Word to describe the head of a phillips screw where the head has been worn or mangled?

It's called stripped.... Your screw has been stripped....

Why would anyone use a flat-head screw instead of a phillips?

They are a bit less expensive to manufacture.In an environment where the screw head might get clogged with dirt or paint, a slotted head is much easier to clean out.

Who invented the Phillips head screwdriver?

The inventor of the Phillips head screwdriver was Henry Phillips. This screwdriver, was an asset to the automobile industry because it was expensive for screw heads to be torqued off of a car on an... Read More »

What year were screw back earrings invented?

Although there is no document of the exact date, screw-back earrings were invented sometime during the early 20th century. This screw-back style gave women the option of not having to pierce their ... Read More »