What year was the kitchen table invented?

Answer Some historians believe that ancient Egyptians used some form of table for meal time. However, on October 6, 1896, an African man named Henry A. Jackson patented the kitchen table. Patent number 56... Read More »

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Who invented the kitchen table?

Henry A. Jackson designed and patented his invention of the kitchen table on October 6, 1896. Due to Jackson's invention, kitchen tables began their use as popular dining and meal preparation cente... Read More »

Who invented the periodic table and what year?

Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev proposed the periodic table in 1869 by arranging the 63 known elements of his time according to increasing atomic weight as well as their physical and chemical pro... Read More »

What year was the pool table invented?

The earliest known pool table (billiard table) can be traced to the French royal court (1461-1483), however, the first commercial American pool table was manufactured in the mid-19th century (1845)... Read More »

How to Convert a Kitchen Table to a Train Table?

A train table is a flat surface used to assemble and run a hobby train set. It is possible to convert an ordinary kitchen table to a train table by using items easily purchased at a local hardware... Read More »