What year was the irs form w-9 first required?

Answer IRS Form W-9, known as a "Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification," was first required for the 1983 tax year. Used mostly by employers, it was first required for returns filed ... Read More »

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What is required to form a California LLC?

Forming a California LLC requires filing basic documents to establish the identity of the company. To this end, the California Secretary of State requires that identity paperwork and permits are on... Read More »

When is tax form 1099 required?

A 1099 is a form used to report income that is not included on other tax forms. There are numerous 1099s. The type of income in question determines which form is used. For example, a 1099-INT is us... Read More »

What Is Required on a Release of Liability Form?

Consumers, employees and other individuals may be asked to sign a release of liability form in order to participate in certain events or utilize certain services. In most cases, the form waives the... Read More »

Is there a form required to file back taxes?

According to, you will need the form for the particular year that you are filing back taxes. For example, do not use a 2009 1040 Federal tax form to file back taxes from 2008.Sour... Read More »