What year was Internet spam invented?

Answer Gary Thuerk, a DEC marketing representative, sent the first spam email in 1978. Thuerk, who wanted to advertise his company's new product, sent unsolicited emails to nearly every Arpanet address on... Read More »

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Who invented pickleball&what year was it invented?

Pickleball was invented in 1965 by Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell. The court included a badminton net that had been lowered to a height of 36 inches. A plastic ball was used along with paddles that w... Read More »

What can you do legally if a 20-year-old man in a different state is chatting with your 16-year-old daughter on the internet and phone and you caught her sending suggestive pictures via camera phone?

Answer Legally you can't really do anything unless you can prove he's trying to solicit her for sex, but it sounds like they were chatting. She willingly sent photos to him over the web, so she's n... Read More »

Who invented the internet?

The inventors were guys that worked for ARPA (way back in 1969), the first version was called ARPANET, the first transmissions were between UCLA and Stanford. The scientists were frustrated with s... Read More »

What would you be doing now if the internet was never invented?