What year was the guitar capo invented?

Answer The first guitar capo was developed in the mid-1700s and was a simple, bent piece of brass. Formed in a C-shape, the brass covered a fret in order to shorten the strings and produce a different sou... Read More »

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Who invented the guitar amplifier?

Leo Fender, a pioneer in electric guitars, invented the guitar amplifier. Fender began building guitar amplifiers during the World War II era by adapting RCA tube application manuals. Prior to sta... Read More »

Who invented the guitar windmill?

Keith Richards is the guitarist for the Rolling Stones, the English rock band. He invented the guitar windmill. Pete Townshend, the guitarist for the Who, popularized the guitar windmill; he saw Ke... Read More »

When was the bass guitar invented?

The invention of the bass guitar as we known it today was a gradual progression from the first electric double bass to a fretted instrument that looks like and is played like an electric guitar. Th... Read More »

When was the acoustic guitar invented?

It is not exactly known who created the first acoustic guitar, but historians have speculated that an Italian named Gaetano Vinaccia was the one who created the first acoustic guitar in the year 17... Read More »