What year was the frying pan invented?

Answer The exact date the frying pan was invented is unknown. The UK's Pancake Race custom, though, is based on a story that dates frying pans' existence back to at least 1445.Source:Google: History of th... Read More »

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When was the electric frying pan invented?

Electric frying pans may have been used by the British as early as the 1890s. However, shoddy craftsmanship and expensive electricity made it an uncommon luxury. Not until 1953 did Sunbeam begin to... Read More »

Who invented frying pans?

It is unknown exactly who invented the frying pan. Copper frying pans were used in ancient Mesopotamia. Frying pans were also used in ancient Greece and Rome. The English word "pan" comes from the ... Read More »

Is deep frying chicken in olive oil any healthier than deep frying chicken in Crisco (shortening/lard)?

Olive oil is better than shortening. Olive oil is good for you! It is high in the good cholesterol. So, use it to fry, and if you like, drink it. There are people that do just that.

Who invented pickleball&what year was it invented?

Pickleball was invented in 1965 by Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell. The court included a badminton net that had been lowered to a height of 36 inches. A plastic ball was used along with paddles that w... Read More »