What year was the first violin invented?

Answer The modern four-string violin was invented by Italian instrument maker Andrea Amati, apparently in 1555 (the oldest surviving violin is an Amati dating to about 1564). Three-string violins had appe... Read More »

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Does Celtic music have a first violin part and second violin part?

According to Fiddling Around the World, traditional Celtic music does not typically have first and second violin parts. Usually, a Celtic music ensemble will be small and consist of only one fiddl... Read More »

What year was the fighter jet first invented?

In what year was the first iPod invented?

Apple introduced the first iPod, known as the first generation iPod, in 2001. The device was officially unveiled on October 23, 2001, and featured 5 GB of music storage space. A 10 GB first generat... Read More »

What year was the first Nintendo invented?

The Nintendo corporation's first game console was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This system was introduced in 1985. The company's first handheld gaming device was the Game Boy, which hit... Read More »