What year was the first scoop of dirt collected from the moon?

Answer The Apollo 11 astronauts collected rocks and soil during the first moon landing mission on July 21, 1969. Samples of moon dirt continue to be analyzed by scientists looking to discover information ... Read More »

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Does EKEN Whey Protein have a scoop Ive spent ages looking for a scoop inside the container?

Look at the serving size and see if it measures in scoop. If it does its probably somewhere in there. Last time I spent 30 minutes trying to get n.o xplode scoop out. Most powders include a scoop s... Read More »

What year did dirt biking start?

Dirt biking is the result of the evolution of the British off-road motor sport known as scrambling. Scrambling's first official race occurred on March 29, 1924. The sport found its way to the Unite... Read More »

Why does my well water taste like dirt when it contains no dirt/sand/sediment?

1) If you have metal piping, it could be from deterioration inside the pipes2) If it's a bored well, you could have a dead animal in the well3) The water table is probably changing since you just r... Read More »

NASA's last trip to the moon was in this year?

Now, if we knew that, then we wouldn't need to do the research, would we?