What year was the first radio broadcast made?

Answer The first radio broadcast was made on Dec. 24, 1906. Canadian engineer, Reginald Fessenden made the broadcast from Brant Rock, Massachusetts and it was heard on ships in the Atlantic Ocean. The bro... Read More »

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Who made the first radio broadcast?

Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian engineer, made the first radio broadcast on December 24, 1906. It was made from Brant Rock, Massachusetts, and was heard by radio operators on a boat in the Atlantic ... Read More »

In what city was the first FM radio broadcast?

The first FM broadcast took place on New Year's Day 1941 by W47NV (now WSM-FM) in Nashville, Tennessee. More FM broadcasts occurred later that same year in San Francisco (KALW) and New York (Columb... Read More »

What team was first to broadcast its game over the radio?

The first-ever radio broadcast of a sporting event was a baseball game on Aug. 5, 1921 at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. On this day, the Pittsburgh Pirates played host to the Philadelphia Phillies. T... Read More »

When was the first radio ad broadcast?

The first officially recognized radio advertisement aired on August 28, 1922 on WEAF in New York. The radio ad was sponsored by Queensboro Corporation of New York and was used to sell real estate.S... Read More »