What year was the first baby monitor made?

Answer It is believed that the first baby monitor was made in the 1930's by a man named Norman Emerick of Fisher-Price. The baby monitor was invented after an incident wherein Charles Lindbergh's 20 month... Read More »

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Who made the first computer monitor?

The first computer monitor was invented in 1930 by American inventor Allen B. DuMont in his home laboratory in New Jersey. DuMont was considered a pioneer of television and radio invention as well.... Read More »

In what year was the movie cry baby made?

What was the first Beanie Baby ever made?

The first Beanie Babies ever sold were actually sold in a collection. They consisted of a frog, bear, dolphin, moose, platypus, dog, pig, whale and a lobster. This original line of Beanie Babies de... Read More »

What Year Was the First Car Made?

The date of manufacture for the first car depends on the specific definition of the term "car." The invention of the modern automobile is most often credited to Karl Benz. He built an automobile wi... Read More »