What year was the first Nissan car made?

Answer Nissan first began manufacturing vehicles under its own name in 1981. The Nissan Bluebird was first sold in 1982, although it was known as the Stanza in the United States.Source:Automobile Magazine

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What was the first year the Nissan Versa was made?

The Nissan Versa is a sub-compact hatchback or sedan. It has been sold in the United States since 2007. Much of the Versa is based upon the Nissan Tiida, which has been sold in other parts of the w... Read More »

What Year Was the First Car Made?

The date of manufacture for the first car depends on the specific definition of the term "car." The invention of the modern automobile is most often credited to Karl Benz. He built an automobile wi... Read More »

What year was iPod first made?

The first iPod was a first generation iPod Classic and was made on October 23rd 2001.

What year was the first Chevy made?

The Chevrolet Motor Company originated in 1911 and began fabricating the Chevrolet brand that same year. In 1912, Chevrolet released their first car, the Classic Six. Chevrolet released their first... Read More »