Who Called the Council of Trent?

Answer Pope Paul III called the Council of Trent. There were three sessions, held from 1545 to 1563, that discussed Catholic Church doctrine in light of the increasing popularity of the Protestant Church ... Read More »

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Permaculture: Local Council spends £30,000 getting rid of 'garden waste' a year. Any suggestions?

1. Change their mowers to line trimmers rather than solid steel blades and they wont have to worry about breaking glass bottles in the grass, it will cost less than the annual £30K for disposal an... Read More »

Does cris block Gwen and Trent from kissing?

How big is Stockport and stoke on trent train stations?

Brilliant tip: Go to the National Rail Enquiries website - www/ the "Stations and On Train" tab at the top of the pageEnter the name of the station you are interested in in t... Read More »

What Video Game Did Trent Reznor Provide Music for?

Trent Reznor, frontman for the industrial band Nine Inch Nails, provided music for the 1996 PC first-person shooter video game "Quake." According to Trent C. Ward in a June 1996 GameSpot review, Re... Read More »