What year was the copy machine invented?

Answer The first rudimentary copy machine was invented in 1780 by James Watt. Thomas Edison patented a commercially successful machine in 1876. The origination of modern copiers dates to 1938 and the pate... Read More »

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When was the copy machine invented?

The concept of the copying machine goes back to the early 1900s, but the modern-day xerographic copier, known more commonly as the photocopier, was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938. By 1948 Carl... Read More »

Who invented the copy machine?

Chester Carlson, a physicist and former patent analyst from Seattle, developed a method for using electrostatic technology to photocopy printed pages in 1938, according to His photocopi... Read More »

Who invented the first copy machine?

Chester Floyd Carlson invented Xerography, also known as the first copy machine, in 1938. The first copy machine was introduced to the public 21 years later, in 1959. Carlson won Inventor of the ... Read More »

In What Year Was the Fax Machine Invented?

The invention of the fax machine was in 1842 and patented in 1843 by Alexander Bain, a Scottish physicist and clockmaker. This means the fax machine came before the telephone. However, these early ... Read More »