Do you think my mature 14 year old son and his trustworthy 16 year old friend should be able to go to an AC DC concert by themselves?

Answer Alone never! Absolutely, with supervision! I took my then 15 year old step-daughter and one of her friends to see ACDC about 12 - 15 years ago. They still bring it up from time to time.

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Can you be held liable if your 11-year-old son is accused of breaking the arm of a 5-year-old while playing on a trampoline in the younger child's yard?

Answer Not criminally liable, but you could be subjected to a civil suit and found liable for the injury. Anyone can sue But it's their trampoline, on their property, and they should have been sup... Read More »

In what year was the first world cup soccer tournament held?

The first World Cup soccer tournament was held in 1930, with Uruguay as the host country. Uruguay defeated Argentina in the championship match 4-2. The final match was watched by 93,000 spectators.... Read More »

In what year was the first Masters golf tournament held?

The inaugural Masters tournament was held in 1934 at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. At the time, the Masters was known as the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. The tournament's first ... Read More »

In what year was the first women's NCAA basketball tournament held?

The first NCAA women's basketball tournament took place in 1982, with Louisiana Tech emerging as the national champion. The event's Final Four took place in Norfolk, Virginia, with the title game p... Read More »