What year was the computer monitor invented?

Answer The technology for the computer screen was invented by Ferdinand Braun in 1897. This included using cathode rays on a non-flat screen to project an image. Allen DuMont perfected the cathode ray pro... Read More »

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Who invented the first computer monitor?

The first computer monitor was invented by Allen B. DuMont in 1930, in his New Jersey laboratory. DuMont was an American inventor also known for his patents in television and radio.Source:"Computer... Read More »

Who invented the computer monitor?

The computer monitor was invented by Xerox PARC in 1973. Xerox PARC made the first desktop computer named Alto with a keyboard and monitor. The monitor had a graphic user interface that used bitmap... Read More »

My computer monitor is a year old today and i have just noticed their is 9 red dots?

you are bound to get a few dead pixels and there will be a tolerance limit by which the company will not wrranty them for you anyway.

My 3 year old wrote on my computer monitor with black permanent marker?

I have written on Dry erase boards with permanent marker...To remove the Permanent marker, I have used a Dry erase marker over the permanent marker, tne erased the Dry erase marker..I would suggest... Read More »