What year was the computer introduced to schools?

Answer Computers were first introduced to schools in 1965. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act provided money for schools for technology. But the majority of those first computers were used by adm... Read More »

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What year was the mouse for a computer introduced?

Douglas Engelbart introduced the computer mouse to the public in 1968. Engelbart created the first mouse prototype with only one button at the Stanford Research Institute in 1963. He publicly demon... Read More »

What year was the first Macintosh computer introduced to the public?

The first Apple Macinthosh personal computer for public purchase was introduced in January of 1984. The model number was "M0001" and the price was a whopping $2,495. It ran on a Motorola CPU at 7.8... Read More »

When were chalkboards introduced into American schools?

The first large black chalkboard in America was used in 1801 by George Baron, a math instructor at West Point Military Academy. By the mid-1800s, a blackboard was found in almost every school and w... Read More »

What year was the first IBM PC introduced?

IBM introduced its first personal computer, the IBM PC, in 1981. This was the first computer that was mass produced in any numbers. The public responded to its small size, ease of use and price. Th... Read More »