What year was the colony of Georgia founded?

Answer Of the 13 original American colonies, Georgia was the last to be established. The Province of Georgia (later to become Georgia Colony) was founded it 1732 by a group a settlers led by James Ogletho... Read More »

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Who founded the New Hampshire colony?

An English land grant led Captain John Mason to begin establishing a fishing colony in present-day New Hampshire in 1623. Under Mason's orders, two groups of settlers simultaneously established sep... Read More »

Who founded the colony of Pennsylvania?

William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania in 1682, naming it after his deceased father. Penn hoped to create a colony that allowed political and religious freedom; he intended the colony also... Read More »

Who founded the virginia colony?

The Virginia colony was founded in 1607 when colonist John Smith sailed to and established the first permanent settlement at Jamestown. While the settlement at Roanoke Island predates Jamestown, th... Read More »

What is georgia state's colony number?

Georgia was colonized in 1732, being the last of the 13 colonies to be settled. In the year 1860, Georgia was the most populated state being the most southern and youngest colony.Source:Georgia His... Read More »