What year was the canon snappy el camera first made?

Answer When you format the memory in a digital camera, any photos that have been stored on that memory will be erased. The memory is also set up by the camera's software to store new photos.

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What year was the first Kodak camera made?

George Eastman invented the Kodak camera, a hand-held box camera that used roll film, in 1888. To promote his new invention, Eastman came up with the slogan "you press the button, we do the rest."S... Read More »

Canon 7D vs. Canon 50D vs. Canon T2i looking to get my first nice camera; thoughts, opinions and experiences?

Forgive my long answer, but your question covers a lot of territory.First off, all three are good cameras. Secondly, do NOT get a 50D right now. The 60D is due to be announced soon, so you could ei... Read More »

What year did Canon manufacture the Canon DL9000 camera?

What year was the canon camera released?

It would depend on the type of lens mount. Generally speaking, it would probably not work too well. The AE uses full-aperture TTL metering, and its mechanism for manipulating the diaphragm of the l... Read More »