Employee Privacy Rights in the Constitution?

Answer There is not one set standard for employee privacy rights in America that all workers can refer to when they have questions or concerns about their private rights in the workplace. There are variou... Read More »

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Is it etiquette to forgo a tip when gratuity is added to your bill?

Yes. Gratuity IS tip. So if its already in the total then you've already given them a tip. They will take that amount directly out of what you paid on your bill and put in their pocket. There i... Read More »

If you have full custody of your 3-year-old son what rights does his mother have and what rights does your new wife have?

Answer The child's mother has visitation rights, which are usually agreed upon by the parents and included in the custody order. Unless there are mitigating circumstances such as abuse. Then visita... Read More »

Where in the bill of rights does it say that you can buy as many of something as you want?

What is the GI Bill of Rights?

Signed into law in 1944, the GI Bill of Rights is legislation that provides specific financial benefits and assistance to veterans of the United States military.FunctionThe purpose of the GI Bill i... Read More »