What is velvet fabric?

Answer Velvet fabric is a luxurious fabric commonly found used in evening wear and upholstery. Made from a variety of fibers, the designation velvet isn't given to a certain type of fiber but the way that... Read More »

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What is velvet antler?

Antler velvet covers growing antlers and provides the blood supply for growth. Velvet antler, as a product, includes the antler and is obtained from antlered animals, usually deer. Velvet antler ha... Read More »

What is velvet material made of?

Velvet, a soft material typically used to make clothing, is made on a special loom from yarns, fibers, and blends such as silk and acetate. Velvet has been around since 2000 B.C., when it was made ... Read More »

What is in the velvet in deer antlers?

Velvet is a hairy skin that covers growing deer antlers; it protects blood vessels, nervous tissue and cartilage. When the antlers are fully mature in late summer, the velvet dies and peels off.Sou... Read More »

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