What year was the Royal Rochester electric percolator made?

Answer The Royal Rochester Electric Percolator was first introduced and marketed at some time during the 1930s. They continued to be manufactured and sold into the 1940s. They were made in the United Stat... Read More »

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What year was Royal Ivory Riviera china made?

Royal Ivory Riviera china was made in 1935. Plates, saucers, cups, covered bowls, casserole and gravy dishes can now be bought from antiques dealers and over the Internet. Single pieces are availab... Read More »

What year was the Western Electric candlestick 20-p made?

The Western Electric #20 desk telephone was manufactured by Bell Systems and patented in 1904. It was an upgraded version of the Western Electric #10 telephone, which was patented and manufactured ... Read More »

Can you use an electric percolator to heat hot water for tea?

Electric percolators can make either coffee or tea since their purpose is to heat water so that it's hot enough to brew a drink, regardless of whether the water is filtered through coffee grounds o... Read More »

How do I clean the basket in an electric percolator?

Maintaining an Electric PercolatorFill the percolator as if making coffee but use 2 tbsp. of baking soda where you would normally use coffee. Using enough cold water to fill the percolator; then ru... Read More »