What year was the Mexican-American War?

Answer The Mexican-American War began in 1846, when American troops under General Zachary Taylor were attacked by Mexican troops on the northern bank of the Rio Grande. General Winfield Scott captured the... Read More »

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How many Mexican troops died in the Mexican-American war?

The number of Mexican troops who died during the Mexican-American War is estimated at about 25,000. Most of these deaths were the result of disease, which was rampant during the two-year conflict.S... Read More »

Who was the Mexican dictator during the Mexican American War?

Prior to the war, Mexico was run by a dictator named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. He was deposed and sent into exile by a coalition opposed to his policies. They installed Jose Joaquin Herrera as p... Read More »

How many American soldiers fought in the Mexican American war?

On all fronts the troop strength reached about 78,000 by the end of the war.

When was the mexican american war?

The Mexican-American War began in April 1846 and continued through February 1848. The last battle of the war, the Battle of Mexico City, occurred in September 1847, but the war did not officially ... Read More »