What year was the Marine Corps formed& by whom?

Answer The Marines were founded during the American Revolution. The Continental Congress committee met in at Tun Tavern to draw up a resolution for soldiers who could fight by land and sea. With an approv... Read More »

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How was the Marine Corps formed?

By order of the Continental Congress on 10 November 1775.

Who was the man or woman who formed the Marine Corps before the Revolutionary War?

Samuel Nicholas was the First Commandant of the Marine Corps. He along with Robert Mullen created the Marine Corps

Marine corps recruiter said that need 15 credit from college to join marine corps is right?

You need to specify a couple things. I.e., enlisted or officer and what military occupational specialty you're going for. Requirements will fluctuate to meet the Marine Corps' manpower demands, but... Read More »

When and where is the Marine Corps Birthday Ball for Marine Corps Air Station Yuma?

This depends what squadron you are attached to. For example Mals-13 has had a few birthday balls in Las Vegas. Usually around the 10th on November.