What year was the Fitz of Depression BBC Peel sessions recorded?

Answer That would be Dipsy.

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In which year was the last recorded hanging in the UK?

The United Kingdom's last two hangings were on August 13, 1964, when Gwynne Owen Evans and Peter Anthony Allen were executed for the murder of John West. Capital punishment has been completely abol... Read More »

What year did digitally recorded compact become available?

Answer If you have one, your User Guide/Instruction Book/ on-screen Manual should be able to help you. For example, I have a Canon A710IS, and under "Memory Cards and Estimated Capacities" for a 51... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Fitz?

Fitz is not usually found as a surname in its own right, but as the prefix to another name. It derives from the French "fils," meaning "son"; therefore, when added to another name (such as Fitzpatr... Read More »

What does Fitz mean in Welsh?

Fitz is not a Welsh term but is thought to derive from the Latin "fils de" which means "son of." The term is often used in surnames to indicate a descendant of another, such as Fitzgerald.Reference... Read More »