Should a 4-year-old who is fascinated with fire and has set a house fire that caused damage be psychologically evaluated?

Answer Get in touch with your local fire department and see if they have a juvenile firesetter program or if they can refer you to one. I was a firesetter interviewer as a fire fighter, and found that mos... Read More »

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Chicago Fire Chief's Salary?

As of June 1, 2011, the Chicago Fire Department employed 5,085 employees. Although the bulk of these employees were firefighters, the department also employs several administrative workers and para... Read More »

When did the Chicago fire department start using green lights?

The Chicago fire department began using green lights on their trucks in 1927 by instruction of Fire Commissioner Albert Goodrich. The green light not only represents courage and safety, but also st... Read More »

What Type of Destruction Did the Great Fire of Chicago Make?

In 1871, a fire ignited, developed and spread across the city of Chicago. Known as the Great Fire of Chicago, the fire started because a farmer's cow had knocked over a lamp. Although the fire ser... Read More »

What are the current 2010 Chicago fire laws regarding placement of air conditioning condensers on condominium porches?

The local fire marshall will be able to give you this information free of charge.