What year was the Charles Schwab company founded?

Answer Charles Schwab and Company, the discount brokerage, was founded in 1973. As of May 2010, the San Francisco-based company has 306 branch offices, and it also has locations in Puerto Rico, Hong Kong ... Read More »

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What year did the Charles Schwab Company go public?

Charles Schwab became a publicly traded company in 1985. Its first brokerage was opened in 1975. It started offering online trades in 1996 and grew into a major discount brokerage that services bot... Read More »

What year was Charles Schwab's company founded?

Charles Schwab founded the discount brokerage firm The Charles Schwab Corporation in 1974 as Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., in San Francisco after failing with his first company, First Commander Corp.... Read More »

What is charles schwab famous for?

Charles Schwab is a financial services company that offers online stock trading and investment management. Low commissions on trades have made it a favorite with many investors, although the compan... Read More »

Is Charles Schwab a bank?

Yes, and the Charles Schwab bank reports, as of February 2010, 753,000 accounts, which includes checking and savings accounts. Charles Schwab also offers financial services ranging from mutual fund... Read More »