What year was the Aladdin no.23 oil lamp made?

Answer The number 23 Aladdin oil lamp was manufactured under several names and designs. The "short Lincoln drape" table lamp was first manufactured in 1974 and is still made. Lincoln drape shelf lamps wer... Read More »

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Where does Aladdin find the genie's lamp?

The story of Aladdin and his magic lamp comes from the tales of the Arabian Nights. A man claiming to have known Aladdin's father tricks Aladdin into doing his bidding. Aladdin descends into a cave... Read More »

How long was the genie in the lamp when Aladdin rubbed it?

In the scene when Aladdin takes the magic lamp from Abu and first rubs it, the genie comes out of the lamp and says, "Aaaaahhhhh! OY! Ten-thousand years will give ya such a crick in the neck!"Sou... Read More »

What year did disney's aladdin come out?

Disney's animated musical film "Aladdin", was released in 1992. "Aladdin" earned over $200 million internationally making it the highest-grossing animated film up to that time. Adding to its succes... Read More »

What year was Disney's"Aladdin"released?

Walt Disney's "Aladdin" was released in theaters November 11, 1992, and it became the highest grossing animated film to that date. Aladdin was released on video in 1993. Two made-for-video sequels ... Read More »