When was Don't ask don't tell repealed?

Answer According to it was signed into law by President Barack Obama on Dec 22, 2010. Technically though, it did not fully take effect until Sept 20, 2011 because of a bunch of political mu... Read More »

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When was federal income tax Form 900 repealed?

IRS Form 900 was repealed in 2006, pursuant to the Pension Protection Act of 2006. Tax-exempt organizations are now required to file a Form 990 or Form 990-EZ.Source:"Pub. L. 109--280: Pension Prot... Read More »

Did the prohibition agency change to the cia?

No. It was time traveling extremists from the future.JFK would have become stronger than you could ever imagine.It had to be done.

How much money was lost during Prohibition?

Prohibition was the U.S. governmental effort to criminalize alcohol. The American government spent $310,000,000 enforcing Prohibition during the 1920s and early 1930s, and the government lost $11,0... Read More »

Is there a specific prohibition against rapists joining the Armed Services?

It's covered under the same federal law which prohibits felons access to firearms, more or less. Since most (if not all) military occupations entail access to firearms, a felony conviction makes yo... Read More »