What year was popcorn invented?

Answer Popcorn was not invented, but rather has grown wild throughout America for centuries. The oldest ears of popcorn, which were found in New Mexico, are estimated to be around 4,000 years old.Source:P... Read More »

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What year was microwave popcorn invented?

Percy Spencer of the Raytheon Company invented microwave popcorn in 1945. Spencer was the first to discover, by accident, that one could cook food using microwave radio signals. He called the first... Read More »

Regular Buttered Popcorn Popcorn with Cheese Or Caramel Popcorn Which from this list do u like better?

Regular buttered popcorn. Goodnight Scooter:)

Who invented the popcorn bag?

Popcorn bags, as we know them today, were invented by Golden Valley. This Minnesota-based company invented a bag that harnessed energy in household-grade microwaves to pop kernels. In 1991, Golden ... Read More »

Who invented the hot air popcorn popper?

The hot air popcorn popper was invented in 1978 by three engineers at the Presto Appliance Company. The three men were Melvin Boldt, Thurber Morrison and Wayne Franek. The hot air popper was a real... Read More »