What is the last name of Isaac from the 2005 fashion talk show Isaac?

Answer Mizrahi

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How many players are drafted into the NFL from college each year?

The number of players drafted into the NFL varies slightly from year-to-year. The league has seven rounds for all 32 teams, totaling 224 players drafted, but each year several compensatory and supp... Read More »

What is a Fair Isaac score?

A Fair Isaac score is another name for a FICO credit score, which is used to determine how great the risk is that a potential borrower will default on a loan.HistoryThe Fair Isaac Corporation was f... Read More »

What did Isaac M. Singer invent?

Isaac M. Singer is best known for inventing the first commercially viable sewing machine. Though other sewing machines had already been patented, Singer's was the first to take advantage of replace... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Isaac?

The name Isaac has a Hebrew origin and means "laughter." Some people with the name Isaac refer to themselves informally as "Ike." The name is a popular one for Jewish males as well as males in Engl... Read More »