How many babies born a year are born with cerebral palsy?

Answer hi

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Where was Barbra Streisand born, and in what year was she born?

Barbara Joan Streisand was born April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn, NY.

Can a pregnant 17-year-old move out of her parents' house and in with her 19-year-old boyfriend when the baby is born?

Answer In all liklihood. In many states, a child having a baby is reason for automatic emancipation.

Can a pregnant 15-year-old move in with her 18-year-old boyfriend and would he be arrested if he is at the hospital when their baby is born?

he is a rapist Your boyfriend is legally a rapist. In all 50 states he can serve 3-5 years minimum in a state correctional institution. Having sexual intercourse with anyone under the age of 18 i... Read More »

What is the meaning of name Emilio?

Emilio is a male name from the Latin meaning "eager," "striving," or "excelling." It is a variant of Emil and also sounds like Emelio, Amalio, and Emile. It is a fairly common first name for men in... Read More »