When was chocolate ice cream invented?

Answer In 1533 a former chef of the Queen of France opened a small shop and began to add flavors such as chocolate to a recipe for ice milk, creating the first version of chocolate ice cream. The recipe, ... Read More »

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When was Hershey chocolate invented?

In 1894, candy maker Milton Hershey created Hershey's milk chocolate in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Today, his company leads the North American production of chocolate and over 90 countries import his... Read More »

When was baking chocolate first invented?

Baking chocolate was first invented under the Baker's chocolate brand. Baker's chocolate was founded in 1765 by Dr. James Baker and John Hannon. Baker's chocolate is often used in baked deserts suc... Read More »

When was Dutch chocolate invented?

Conrad Van Houten invented Dutch chocolate in 1828. Van Houten, a Dutch chemist and chocolate manufacturer, developed the "dutching" process. His methods involved squeezing the cocoa butter out of ... Read More »

Who invented nestle chocolate?

According to the official Nestle chocolate website, Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter conceptualized Nestle's milk chocolate formula in 1876. By adding Nestle condensed milk to his chocolate, Peter cr... Read More »