What year was chewing gum initially manufactured?

Answer The first mass production of chewing gum occurred in 1871. It was called Adams New York Chewing Gum. In 1893,The Wrigley Company introduced Juicy Fruit and Wrigley Spearmint chewing gum, which are ... Read More »

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Why is my Four year old chewing on her shirt all the time?

NO. Your dog may be a bit embarrassed, but he will get over it. Besides, earlier in the day your dog pulled a loaded diaper out of the garbage and woofed it down, so dog and baby are basically even.

In what year did the Greeks invent chewing gum?

Greeks began chewing a gum-like substance around the year 50 A.D. Unlike modern chewing gum, Greeks chewed a resin from the mastic tree that was hard to chew and quite bitter. What we think of as m... Read More »

In what year was the first school bus manufactured?

The first pupil transportation was actually a horse-drawn wagon, according to It was first used in 1827 for a Quaker school in London. The first motorized school bus was develo... Read More »

What year were Sherman bow ties manufactured?

The first Christopher Sherman bow tie collection was sold in fall 2009 in Canadian stores and online at the designer's store. The bow ties feature dog studs, pyramid studs and other unusual embelli... Read More »