What year was the first bowling shoe made?

Answer It is unclear what year the first bowling shoes were invented, but bowling equipment has been found in ancient Egyptian's tombs that date back to 5200 B.C. The sport is popular in many countries a... Read More »

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Who invented ten-pin bowling?

No one really knows who invented ten-pin bowling. Archaeologists have discovered what appear to be bowling balls and pins in Egyptian tombs, dating the origin of the sport to about 3200 BC. Nine-p... Read More »

Who invented the bowling ball?

Ancient Egyptians in 5200 B.C. used stones for the first bowling balls, but Chuck Hamilton invented the modern bowling ball during the early 1970s. Although the first bowling balls ever used in the... Read More »

What year was the Brunswick Crown Jewel bowling ball made?

The very first Brunswick Crown Jewel was made in 1961. It was popular because it was Brunswick's first plastic ball produced. It was proven to be ahead of its time, as it consistently outscored the... Read More »

When was the bowling shoe invented?

According to U.S. Patent No. 1580475, Frank Farnan of Fort Wayne, Indiana, filed for the patent on the bowling shoe on Jan. 2, 1925. The shoes reached above the ankles and included a leather sole ... Read More »